Friday, December 16, 2005

Brazilian Movie: I'm ugly but trendy!

Tati Quebra Barraco

Interesting documentary about Rio's popular movement called "Funk Carioca". Here is the summary:

Rio's Funk is filled with MCs and bands formed by women. In the dance hall market, female performances are essential to the night's success. Tati Quebra-Barraco (Tati Shack Breaker) draws the crowd that sings along every dirty word. There are many other "bondes" (dance and vocal ensembles) that make the audience go crazy with their wiggling. There's a bit of everything for every taste and the result is a party where thousands of youths repeat gestures, choreographs, lyrics and have fun!

Rio de Janeiro is the stage for funk culture. According to its DJs the number of dance halls reaches 1000 on weekends. Involved in the production of those parties, there are sound crews, agents, DJs, owners and club employees, lighting crews, vendors selling food and drinks and a large audience. Finally, this is an economy being supported by the desire and talent of an enormous population that lives in the slums and suburbs of Rio. I'm Ugly but I'm Trendy attempts to map the Rio de Janeiro funk universe from the point of view of female funkers, who are also mothers, wives, students, workers.

I'm ugly but trendy - Sou feia mas tô na moda
Feature Film - Documentary
35mm - 60min - Color - 2004
Director: Denise Garcia
Production: Toscographics


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